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It's always great to hear back from people who have taken a test and felt better.

If you have taken a test and would like to leave a testimonial or other comment, please use the form on the Contact page.   


Thank you.

Hi. I will keep on recommending you Amber as I think what you do is so important … I just wish people would make the connection between what they eat and drink and chronic diseases.   
You do such a great job and your knowledge is endless … I have a great nephew and a great niece thanks to you and what you do … I told you before my niece was told she could never conceive … ever!   
You did your intolerance test on her, we eliminated those foods and within two weeks she had a period … first one in two years…3 months later she was pregnant.  She went on the have another child both beautiful and healthy …
It was not a coincidence, it was the food she was eating … that is my gift from you Amber.
Keep doing what you are doing … because you are changing lives … you are making a difference .  Take care and keep safe .
Kind regards, Jackie. Welwyn Garden City


I had visited my GP twice with digestion issues. He suspected a food intolerance and suggested taking different food groups out of my diet, noting any change, then adding them back in. This seemed a long and inaccurate process. 

I am a plumber and was working for Amber when she told me about intolerance testing. This seemed a quicker and more accurate way of finding out if I had any issues. 

I saw Amber shortly after, she explained what the test entailed and how it was carried out.

As the test progressed, Amber identified several foods that I may be intolerant to. I already suspected what the main issue was, wheat, and this was proved by the test. 

I felt comfortable throughout the test and Amber explained the findings in a detailed and professional way. 

Now I have altered my diet accordingly, the previous symptoms are gone. I would recommend Amber to anyone that requires intolerance testing.

Jared, St Albans.


I don't know if you remember me or not, but my name is Sally ***** and I did a Food Intolerance Test with you in February. I was suffering with really bad stomach pains and sickness. The doctor didn't know what it was a referred me on but the gastro doctor could not see me for months!

You advised me to cut out soya and gluten and since then, have not been ill. I think its the soya not the wheat that is the main problem but I would never have thought of this if it wasn't for seeing you. I just wanted to say thank you as I would still be in pain now if it wasn't for you!

Thanks again,



Hi Amber, 

I hope you are well. 

Honestly it was an absolute pleasure seeing you last week.

Thank you so much for going above and beyond with all the information you have sent over. I have already started reducing the amount of gluten and dairy I have in my diet. Trying to become 'gluten-free' is going to be a bigger challenge but I can already feel the difference.

I keep sending your details to my friends, family and colleagues because my experience was just so amazing and very informative, so thank you again.  It is probably the best £70 I have ever spent :) 

I will definitely be trying out the Caribbean recipes when on holiday.

I hope you have an amazing rest of your week!

Many thanks,

Zhané, Bedford


I've taken your advice based on the test and am now living a much better existence. Pain and discomfort have subsided completely and - fingers crossed - I am now armed to know how to deal with my body much more positively. The test itself has brought a lot of discussion amongst my friends and family, and your praises have been sung far and loud. You actually saw my Ex last week too, whose results prompted me to get in touch and give you an update, as per your request.​

Thank you so much for fitting me in at a time we were both busy; think you understood the urgency and by the results saw how much I needed some clarification and advice. You were very understanding and took much care in delivering less than positive news. Will definitely be coming back for another round early next year to see how my body has reacted to the changes I've now enforced.


Thanks again for your time last week and for all the information you sent across! I’ve been taking my Vitamin D spray for a few days now and I haven’t had a nap for the last 2 days. Mornings are still a struggle but we are getting there! I also haven’t had gluten since Monday and have already lost 2 pounds which is amazing for me. I’ve been telling people about the test and few people have asked for your details so hopefully some more bookings will be coming your way.
Huge thanks again x


Hi Amber

Hope you're well. 

I just wanted to email you an update. My bloating has been so much better since cutting out the foods I'm intolerant to. I feel so much more comfortable, and my clothes fit better. I also have so much more energy and generally feel better. Thank you so much for your help and I'm so glad I took the test. I've recommended you to everyone I know.



Rakshana, Welwyn Garden City


Thank you for the information as I’ve found it really useful. I’m so glad I had the test because it has given me clarity about what to eat, it’s brilliant. For example I didn’t think I could eat porridge oats but now I realise it’s what I was eating with them that was causing the problems. Breakfast has always been the hardest meal to know what to eat, but this morning I ditched the bran-flakes (I had no idea they were all wheat) and had oats with oat milk and my stomach felt fine for the first time in ages!!! 
Anna, St Albans


Since cutting out the problem foods, my asthma has greatly improved & I've not taken any preventative inhalers for several days & I'm feeling great!! I'm gutted that I've been pumping drugs into my body for 30 odd years, to find out now that my diet was the main issue.”
Carole, Aylesbury


Thank you for all of the information. I will start going through all of this and look forward to implementing some positive changes based on our session today! 

I wanted to say how lovely it really was meeting you today!! I came out feeling so positive and can’t believe I didn’t book it sooner. The advice you gave me and your knowledge, I am so grateful for! 

Thank you once again,

Nicole, Hertford


Thanks Amber, 

I have been gluten free for a few years so I am pretty au fait with it now but I'll have a look at the stuff you forwarded.  New ideas are always good.

It was lovely seeing you again too. Will let you know how things go but I can already tell you that I won't be eating any more boiled eggs. That was a very bad idea! My only excuse is that I was too tired to cook dinner and a dippy egg has always been a 'healthy' alternative . Other than that I am sticking like glue to my new regime of small snack size meals, low fat, no dairy etc. Interestingly no pancreatic pain and no elevated heart rate! I am cured!!!

Bye for now,

<name withheld> 

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