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Your test and consultation will be followed up with an emailed PDF document which gives advice as to the next steps you could take in order to improve your health. This includes how to complete the Elimination Diet safely, information detailing which foods contain specific vitamins and minerals, and more detailed information about some of the test items. 


You will also receive advice on food elimination and potential swaps will be given, either at the time of the test and/or via email, depending on the test outcome. Substitutes are suggested to avoid nutritional gaps and to maintain as normal eating habits as possible. Advice on supplements may be given if required. 

It isn't always possible to simply remove all of the offending food items from your diet; it could also mean a change in your lifestyle habits - I will be able to help you with these changes too.

It doesn't stop there. I will always be happy to hear from you with regard to information you have received or, if more information is required. I'll also be interested to receive feedback from you to determine how you are getting on - this isn't absolutely necessary but I do like to know how peoples lives may have improved since the appointment.


Book now for a step towards better health!

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